Bus Life Australia

Family of 4 living in a converted school bus full
time. Free camping off-grid

Alana, Aaron, Lilah and Noah quit the expected “mainstream” way of life in Australia to perseu freedom. Freedom from expectations, judgement and most of all DEBT!.

An expected life cycle

1: Get an education 2: Get a Good Career 3: Buy a House 4: Get Married 5: Have kids 6: Pay debt for 35 yrs

YES and NO! Yes I want to live but living with debt is just existing. After following the norms of society for 35 years I began to question the reality we are all subject to live, the more I questioned things the more I realized this hive mentality existance is not the only way in life.

The lucky break for Australians is we are not a dictatorship, the democracy we are governed by allows us a small margin of free will only if your finances allow. If you do not come from money then your free will is limited. But thats ok because you can teach yourself anything these days, Google and youtube have free’d us from one of the many sopressive grips of society. “freedom of information”

You can teach yourself how to live free in a world controlled by debt. With the help of google and youtube i taught myself solar, mechanics, electrical, plumbing many many things that gave me the life skills to live free from the system independent from utilities and mortgage.

Has anyone stopped to think of the word MORTGAGE?. Well i have and this is what i found after breaking the words down and looking them up in a dictionary



You make what you like from this interpretation but I believe the instrument is used to measure our life expectancy. We all know debt creates high levels of stress and pressure, stress releases cortisol which in time shortens your life.

Gain some insight by following us on youtube AZZLANATUBE. Get to know us as people and see for yourself how bus life is working out for us.